Great service for specialty fabrication needs. Our company has worked with Roger for several years. He never disappoints.

-Sabrina M. from Michael's Fabrication Services Inc.

Fishel Steel Co. has been very accommodating for our metal needs. They have gotten us out of binds when we needed parts quickly. Their prices are reasonable as well.

-Holly C.

It is a good place to buy metal. Take measurements of the metal you need go and give to them and wait for your turn, and you have just what you need.

-Manuel L.

The office manager very helpful. I needed half-inch rebar that he was out of and still managed to scrape up some random pieces lying around to get what I needed for at least the first job I needed to complete. And I had what I needed in the very next morning. I feel like their prices are reasonable as well.

-Trey V.

My go-to metal shop. They can cut what you need and fabricate items and have the best prices around. Roger takes care of business, knows his stuff, and will even suggest a different type or size metal for project specific requests.

-Jovanny C.

Fishel Steel Co. is the go-to place for metal in Winston-Salem. They are an industrial sales and service provider, but they don’t turn away anybody who walks in the door with a small job. Because they try to help everybody, they get backed up sometimes. They ain’t McDonalds– you just have to wait for your small job to get done. You will be glad you did. If you are in a hurry and your small job involves a lot of fabricating and welding, just get Fishel to cut the steel for you and take the pieces to a welding shop or machine shop that can work you in. (The other shops will be going to Fishel anyway to get the metal and it will save them some time.) A lot of times, Fishel can cut the metal for you while you wait.

-S. R. D.

I know how to weld a little bit have had many projects. Fishel Steel Co. has been more than helpful with me. I’m kinda clueless as far as purchasing steel, but have always felt good about the pricing. Thanks.

-Bob Z.

We have used Fishel Steel Co. for over 15 years and have had excellent service. They have always had what we needed and were quick to get the job done. Thank you for being a vendor we can depend on.

-Mark D.

Excellent, friendly service. Prompt and accurately cut quality product. Call in advance for best results. Prices are VERY competitive, BTW.

-Dave B.

Excellent service and products. I have purchased metal from Fishel Steel Co. since I first got steel for a high school shop project in 1972. They deal primarily with commercial accounts, but are happy to accommodate individuals.

-Howard S.

The office lady was very friendly, said someone would be with us shortly. 5-minute wait, gentleman arrived, took my order, and 5 minutes later I’m paying for my aluminum and out the door.

-Lisa R.

Excellent service and great people to work with. They always have the steel I need, and I get it in a timely manner. If you need steel, they are the place to go with great prices. Two thumbs up.

-James M.

I have been doing business with Roger for more than 20 years, and he has always been most gracious and helpful. If I could give more than 5 stars, I certainly would.

-Jack O.

Been there twice. Had zero issues. Walked in, told him what I needed, he cut it and loaded. Was out the door in 15 mins.

-Jonathan S.