What Is Steel Tube Bending?

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As the name suggests, steel tube bending is a metal fabrication process in which a steel tube is bent into different shapes without compromising the strength of the steel. Because straight tubes are not always usable products, steel tube bending is very important to a variety of applications, including the aviation, shipbuilding, aerospace, and automotive industries. In addition, tube bending is used for things like musical instruments, furniture frames, and air conditioning equipment.

What Is Steel Tube Bending?

There are many different methods of steel tube bending, such as hot tube bending, in which the steel is heated to a high temperature and bended, and cold tube bending, in which the bending takes place at room temperature. Here are some other common methods:

  • Press bending – This is one of the oldest methods of tube bending. Two dies in the shape of the bend are pressed against the tube to create the desired bend. It works well on smaller tubes, but not so much on larger ones.
  • Compression bending – The tube is fixed at both ends and then pressure is applied to create the bend. This method is used often in construction.
  • Roll bending – Three or four rollers push the tube through a winding coil. Roll bending is great for creating spirals.
  • Ram bending – Ram bending uses hydraulic force to push a tube against pivot blocks or rollers. It’s one of the less expensive tube bending methods.
  • Rotary draw bending – The straight tube is clamped and drawn around a round die. Rotary draw bending is great when you need a very precise bend on your tube.

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